Christopher Koller – 1st Year Trainee

Christopher Koller

1st Year Trainee

Area: London

I have a post graduate honours degree in Clinical Psychology and Philosophy, and while I decided to apply myself in the commercial world of business & brand for the last 15 years, I always knew I would return one day to the formal practice of working with individuals to achieve transformative healing & creative growth.

My partner, Rachel Wilson, and I founded the Intuition Institute to provide both individuals & businesses with a transformative and practical structure to use in realising their visions & goals.  The way we work provides the tools with which to heal and create in a conscious and replicable way.

Natasha Maher – Training Assistant.

Natasha Maher

Training Assistant

Area: Bristol

I trained as an Integrative counsellor at the Bath centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy. I run a private practice in Bristol where I integrate psychodynamic principles, Internal Family Systems Therapy, shadow work, dream work, neuroscience and mindfulness. I also have a master’s degree in psychology.

I manage the counselling service at a local higher Education college which includes working with young adults.  I am also employed at a private hospital in Bristol as a sessional counsellor.

My areas of special interest are anxiety, self-compassion and working with anger. I am passionate about shadow work and working with parts as a way to become more balanced and whole.

Laura Stoddart – 1st Year Trainee

Laura Stoddart

1st Year Trainee

Area: Totnes

Alasdair Kirk – 1st Year Trainee

Alasdair Kirk

1st Year Trainee

Area: Herefordshire

I am drawn to the facilitation of shadow work as a powerful tool in transformation, in healing emotional wounds, raising power, and bringing the best version of ourselves into our daily lives and relationships.

I have a deep respect and interest in the power of ritual and rites of passage in illuminating vision and purpose.  I am passionately involved in Men’s Group Work and I am excited about helping others clear the barriers to realising their full potential and uncover the gifts they have to give the world.

I live amongst a wonderful community of people in South Herefordshire with my partner of nineteen years and two children.

Richard Martyn – 1st Year Trainee

Richard Martyn

1st Year Trainee

Area: Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, South Wales, Bristol and West Midlands.

I am interested in addiction and therapies associated with this. I have personal experience of 12 step programs and I have sponsored people in those programs.

I have 30 years’ experience as a manager and leader in the workplace. I am interested in how shadow work can be applied to management and leadership coaching, and I look forward to the possibility of exploring this further in the future.

I am committed to my own personal development and have explored this over many years via a variety of different modalities, including, most recently, shadow work.

Rachel Mitchell – 1st Year Trainee

Rachel J Mitchell

1st Year Trainee

Area: Bristol

I am deeply committed to my own healing journey, committed to showing up and meeting whatever is arising inside me, in each moment with compassion and heart.

I am devoted to deepening into kindness and whole hearted acceptance, and resting here in this profound freedom.

I trained with Dominique Sakoilsky and Amanda Raymond in ‘Women’s Wisdom’.

I also trained with Amanda Raymond in ‘ The Great Mother and the amazing power of softness’.

1st Year Trainee

First Year Trainee

Area: Southampton

Nicola Gunning – Training Assistant

Nicola Gunning

Training assistant

Area: Bath and Bristol

I have a background in social care specialising in substance misuse, street based sex work, mothers and babies at risk and volunteer management and training. I am a trained doula and shiatsu practitioner, specialising in pre and post natal shiatsu. I am a director of an alternative education community running a self directed learning project for 5 – 14 year old children.

Shadow work has been a significant part of my personal development over the last 7 years and I have  worked with Marianne individually and in groups, as well as, more recently, learning the Five Fields Framework and assisting on the Authentic Communication workshop.