Our Trainees

Meet some of our current trainees who will be qualifying in 2024.

Francisco Cabeza West – 1st Year Trainee

Francisco Cabeza West

1st year Healing The Shadow Trainee

Areas: East and West Midlands (all counties) and On-line

Telephone: 07894 401733

Email: Fran.Cabeza2020@gmail.com

My keen interest is helping people to light up, feel energised and fully alive which tends to involve making peace with their unresolved past. Shadow work has been one of the tools that has accompanied me on my experiences of working with adult survivors of child abuse and as part of end of life care for the terminally ill. What greater way to help someone than to facilitate the change that they want to be in the world at the time that they are ready to do so.
Since graduating with a Masters in Peace and Reconciliation Studies in 2004 I have continued to research and undertake trainings in the different methods available to heal the wounds of personal and collective trauma. Becoming a Healing the Shadow Practitioner complements all the other modalities available to me in supporting individuals to cultivate renewed perspectives and apply these in the next cycle of their lives.
Since 2016 I have been working with young men involved and at risk of being involved in the criminal justice system by mentoring and supporting them to live a life free of crime to one full of meaning, purpose and connection with the communities they live in. This continues to be a truly rewarding experience to witness these young men grow and transform positively.

Sue Rayner – 1st Year Trainee

Sue Rayner

1st year Healing The Shadow Trainee

Area: Bristol

Telephone: 07545 285655

Email: sue.rayner27@gmail.com

I am a qualified teacher and taught Reception and Key Stage 1 children for seventeen years. I have been a freelance Education Consultant since 2011 and work with local authorities, primary schools and early years settings in the South West and South Wales. In September 2020 I became a Listening Volunteer for Samaritans and am now part of the Volunteer Support Team and a mentor for new Samaritans.

I have seen for myself how shadow work can heal emotional wounds and have been working with Marianne for the last six years. I have recently completed a Certificate in Counselling Skills at the University of the West of England and am delighted to have begun training to become a Healing The Shadow practitioner.

Dan Hartley – Healing The Shadow Trainee

Dan Hartley – 1st Year Trainee

Dan Hartley

1st Year Healing The Shadow Trainee

Area: East Sussex

Contact: danhartley76@gmail.co

I am passionate about supporting people to live their best lives. I have a background in youth and community work and have been involved in men’s work for over 15 years.

I’m currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer for the UK charity abandofbrothers and am a qualified men’s coach. I am proud, through this work, to mentor and support younger men to make positive and lasting changes in their lives.

I see shadow work as one of the best modalities for helping people let go of limiting beliefs, heal old wounds and transform the conditioning and stories that hold them back from fully claiming the life and relationships they deserve.

It’s both humbling and a privilege to support people in this way. I’m grateful to be undertaking this particular journey with Marianne and Rod, two highly skilled facilitators who are great exemplars of this work.

Christopher Koller – 2nd Year Trainee

Christopher Koller

2nd Year Healing The Shadow Trainee

Area: London

I have a post graduate honours degree in Clinical Psychology and Philosophy, and while I decided to apply myself in the commercial world of business & brand for the last 15 years, I always knew I would return one day to the formal practice of working with individuals to achieve transformative healing & creative growth.

My partner, Rachel Wilson, and I founded the Intuition Institute to provide both individuals & businesses with a transformative and practical structure to use in realising their visions & goals.  The way we work provides the tools with which to heal and create in a conscious and replicable way.