Rachel supports Marianne in the training and is present on all weekends

‘I’m a full time Healing The Shadow Practitioner and I work face to face with individuals at my practice room in Bristol. I work with my clients to support them in getting to know and understand themselves better, in changing long held patterns and beliefs imprinted on them in childhood, in healing emotional wounds, in finding more connection and a felt sense of safety in their relationships and in reclaiming their natural gifts and strengths.

My intention is to create a non judgmental and respectful environment where every aspect of the person is welcomed into the room, from their fear, doubts, hatefulness, darkness, vulnerabilities, everything from the parts they feel the deepest shame about to their greatest strengths and power. I provide a space where all these parts can be explored, cared for and reintegrated.

I’m continuously softened, empowered and humbled by this transformational work. And I’m drawn to working closely with the body and its wisdom, in which our unconscious pain and trauma is stored. The body can reveal to us what is ready to be felt, witnessed and transformed. I see Shadow Work as soul care, restoring the mind body spirit connection and allowing more of our innate qualities to be embodied, which I think in turn can free us up to experience more authenticity and depth in our relationships.

Shadow Work has been a powerful part of my own journey as I have worked to heal and integrate significant childhood trauma. It has helped me to heal these places in myself and to step into my power. My mission is to support others in integrating and transforming these wounded areas, in deeply healing and in flourishing from even the darkest places. I continue to receive Shadow Work and a diversity of therapies to support me in bringing compassion and care to the areas that were impacted by these early experiences.

It’s important to me to be part of the Healing The Shadow training team and to be supporting more practitioners to step out into the world and deliver this work. I gained such an incredible amount of skills, knowledge and healing from my experience as a trainee and I know the importance of knowing and owning my own shadow in order to be able to hold deeply and with integrity. It’s important to me that more and more people get to be held in a safe, clean, professional and deeply compassionate way, as I believe our wounds ( once worked with ) become phenomenal strengths, and I love to witness people discovering themselves in this way. I feel a deep commitment to continuing to grow and develop my practice and skill, very glad I am to be part of this journey.

I am under regular supervision.

I welcome LGBTQIA+ clients, and clients from all ethnic backgrounds to my practice.

In 2017 I trained with Amanda Rayment and Dominique Sakoilsky on a year long course as a Women’s Health Practitioner.

In 2018 I continued my learnings on deeply listening and attending to the body and the nervous system as well as exploring Relationship to Self with Amanda Rayment.

And most recently I trained for two years with Marianne Hill and Rod Boothroyd and qualified as a Healing The Shadow practitioner in October 2021′