Testimonials for Rachel Mitchell – Healing The Shadow practitioner

“What an amazing session with Rachel. Rachel has such a lovely way.  Encouraging and inquisitive at the same time.  I loved the session. There was a real curiosity and interest, actually care. This was incredibly supportive and encouraging. Things that were great: 
1 amazing and incisive questions. 
2 persistence to chase down the thing I was least keen to reveal. 
3 warm and caring.
The space and the process felt very safe and I felt “held”.  I had a significant breakthrough indeed, and it was truly uplifting. Thank you.”  Mark Shayler.

“My session with Rachel was a real eye opener. I felt at ease right from the start. She is a very good listener and does not miss a thing. When we started the carpet work, she asked me questions, which were leading to quite unexpected insights. She gave me options how to process that. All the way through I felt her presence and empathy. The 5 hours flew by. I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”  Bruni W. Frome.

“The work was very deep for me and took me to some very uncomfortable places – I felt incredibly vulnerable AND at the same time I felt safe and held. I was very confident that Rachel would be able to able to help me navigate my way through. She was never pushy but I had absolute confidence in her and this was because she was authentic, real and assured in her approach. Rachel was clear about what each section of the day involved – she was I believe very skilled in her use of techniques. In terms of outcomes I am cautiously optimistic that things have changed for the better for me as a direct result of the session. On Sunday after the session I genuinely felt lighter in my outlook on life. I have been carrying a heavy burden for very long and  yesterday I was more comfortable and at ease with myself which was one of my goals.”  NH, Frome.

“Rachel was very polished and professional, she was very welcoming and I felt safe, I felt relaxed. I never felt judged and I could open up and be vulnerable. I could express my shame. I would happily work with Rachel again and would recommend her to others.”  JD, Somerset.

“Calm rapport, genuine love, felt connection (in a good professional way). It felt very comfortable with Rachel, as if I already knew her. Trust. Gentle guidance but leaving lots of space and ‘freedom’ for me to do what I need to in the process…. I hadn’t had a session in a long while and a lot has happened since the last session. I was a little apprehensive to be honest. I had a lot to work through, but with Rachel the session didn’t feel overwhelming at all and left me with a lovely sense of peace, ready for anything! A new layer got uncovered, again. The magic of this work keeps astounding me! It’s very loving, beautiful and powerful.”  AM, Somerset.