Healing the Shadow Practitioner Training

A two year training in shadow work leading to qualification as a Healing The Shadow practitioner

This unique two year training offers the opportunity to develop a new career facilitating deep process work, or to deepen and enliven your current therapeutic practice.

Healing The Shadow is an organisation devoted to facilitating deep process work and supporting clients in exploring and healing their shadows. This work helps people to understand their shadow sides, explore their fears and limitations, hold and heal the wounded inner child and move beyond the emotional issues of their past to grow into all they can be.

Our practitioners facilitate powerful, safe and effective processes while standing alongside the client with humanity and compassion.

Healing the Shadow is a fully established training school offering a two year training leading to qualification as a Healing The Shadow practitioner. This training will equip you with the skills needed to become a confident and competent Healing The Shadow practitioner and to facilitate this deep emotional process work for individuals. With an intake of only six trainees each year, supported by two trainers, the work is intensive and each student receives personalised attention.

The training is highly experiential and focuses not only on teaching powerful and effective techniques, but also on each individual trainee’s personal development and the exploration and healing of their shadows and the wounded inner child.

Our two year trainings are suitable both for those new to working in the field of personal development and also those currently working as coaches, counsellors or therapists who wish to add these powerful techniques to their existing practice.

On completion of the two year training a third year of training is also available, which gives the additional skills required to facilitate deep emotional process work in a group or workshop setting. We also offer further one year trainings in couples’ work and in supervision.

The Trainers, Marianne Hill and Rod Boothroyd, are well known experts in the field of working with the shadow. They both have busy practices working with individual clients and together they run their hugely popular group workshops and healing journeys.

Marianne has many years of experience in training psychotherapists and counsellors to work more deeply with their clients’ shadow sides. Rod Boothroyd is author of Warrior, Magician, Lover, King: A Guide To The Male Archetypes For The 21st Century. This book brings to the world Rod’s vast knowledge of human archetypes gained from many years of facilitating transformational process work for men.